Costume Design

Costume Design Experience
2020Small Mouth SoundsCostume Design              Isabel Edwards      Fordham University
2020My Papier Mache MonsterCostume Design              Ashlyn Frank      Fordham University
2019The WolvesCostume Design              Alicia House      Fordham University
2019Anne of a Thousand DaysCostume Design              Ashlyn Frank      Fordham University
2019The Complete Works... Costume Design              Nicole Borbone      Fordham University
2018The Turn of the ScrewCostume Design              Ashlyn Frank      Fordham University
2018Everything Will Be Different Costume Design              Luke Wehner      Hunger Theatre Company
2018IntelligenceCostume Design              V Greene      Fordham University
2018La MetamorfosisCostume Design              Laura Butler Rivera      Fordham University
2018MachinalCostume Design              Vincent Gunn      Fordham University
2017IshmaelCostume Design              Kevin Hourigan      Fordham University
2017The TowerCostume Design              Jonah Stabinski      Fordham University

Assistant / Associate Design Experience
2020Airline Highway                Assc.  Designer                Nephrii Amenii        Fordham University
2019Twelfth Night                Assis.  Designer                Sherri Eden Barber        Fordham University
2017Antigonick                Assis.  Designer                Rebecca Marinez        Fordham University
2017Macbeth                Assis.  Designer                Dawn Akemi Saito        Fordham University

Crew Work
2019The Secret Life of Bees      Hair and Makeup Crew  Cookie Jordan, des.          Linda Gross Theate
2017Magnolia                            Wardrobe Head               Robert Croghan, des.        Fordham University 
2017As You Like It                    Wardrobe Crew                Andrea Hood, des.           Delacorte Theater
2017The Luck of the Irish         Wardrobe Crew               Geena Roth, des.              Fordham University

Fordham College at Lincoln Center, B.A. in Theatre Design and Production with a Concentration in Costume Design
Fordham College at London Center, Liberal Arts, Spring 2019
Moscow Art Theatre School: Three-week intensive Russian scenography study under Viktor Shilkrot, Winter 2016-17

Special Skills
Sewing, Wardrobe, Hair, Makeup Application, Sketching, Watercolor, Distressing, Dyeing, Crafting, Special FX Makeup, Photoshop MS office, NY driver’s license, Passport

The Wolves
by Sarah DeLappe
Director: Alicia House
Set Designer: Clint Ramos
Costume Designer: Amanda Lionetti
Lighting Designer: Jiyoun Chang
Sound Designer: Joe DiBernardo
Photographer: Joey Moro

The Turn of The Screw
by Henry James
Director: Ashlyn Frank
Set Designer: Matt Gregg
Costume Designer: Amanda Lionetti
Lighting Designer: Matt Gregg
Photographer: Kyra Conroy

by Kiernan Westrick
Director: V Greene
Set Designer: Emma Hasselbach
Costume Designer: Amanda Lionetti
Lighting Designer: Natalie Avery
Sound Designer: Jack Bugbee
Photographer: Phoebe Ellman