Want to virtually meet the Class of 2020?

May 9th - 11th from 11am to 9pm

With a global pandemic we’ve partnered with URTA in hosting Showcase digitally.  Digital Design Showcase East hosts is hosting over 17 schools and universities to present recent graduates looking to begin their professional career. 

Digital Design Showcase East is attended by theatre companies, producers, directors, agents, production managers, and designers looking for new talent.  

To sign up for a time to meet with our graduates over Zoom follow these easy steps:

1:  Click Here for the DSE Master Google Sheet with all participating schools and their contact info. 

2: Each student within the DSE Master Google Sheet has a link to an individual Google Sheet where interviewers can go to sign up for a Zoom interview with the graduate.

3: To keep things organized for interviewers and DSE organizers, every sign-up sheet uses the Eastern Standard Time Zone (EST), regardless of where the students currently reside:
Saturday, May 9th 11am-9pm EST 
Sunday, May 10th 11am-9pm EST 
Monday, May 11th 11am-9pm EST